Candy GVSH9A2DCE Smart Heat Pump 9KG Tumble Dryer A++ Energy White - refurbished

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This item is NEW Graded, professionally tested, in good working condition. Please see photos for details or contact us, it may have some small marks caused during storage/transportation .
It also comes with 6 months parts and labour warranty.


This Candy heat pump tumble dryer features innovative technologies to enhance your drying experience. Perfect for a medium household, you can fit around 45 adult T-shirts in the 9KG drum. With clever sensor dry technology and a highly efficient reverse action drum, this model offers the very best in performance.

This model comes with clever Sensor Dry technology, which monitors the moisture levels in your clothes and stops the cycle once they're perfectly dry. This not only takes the best care of your garments but also saves you time, avoids over-drying and is kind on your bills, using just the right amount of energy.

Choose from different drying levels, giving you flexibility on how dry you require the load to be. With four options to choose from, including Ready to Iron, Dry Hanger, Dry Wardrobe and Extra Dry, flexibility is at the touch of a button. And with a rapid dry programme of 30 minutes, you can dry any urgent items in a short amount of time.

Heat pump technology
This machine uses a heat pump to reuse any hot air that is normally lost to dry your load.

EasyCase water container
Water collection system in the door of the dryer, making emptying the water simple and hassle free.

Sensor drying
Clever sensors in the drum detect the levels of moisture in your clothes and adjust the cycle to achieve the perfect level of dryness. This means your clothes will always be protected from over-drying and shrinking.

Reverse tumble action
The drum will spin your clothes in opposite directions to prevent them becoming entangled which means clothes will have fewer creases and in some cases, be ready to wear as soon as the cycle has finished.

Key Information
Brand Candy
Fit Type Freestanding
Colour White
Drying Type Heat pump
Drying Capacity (Kilograms) 9kg
Energy rating A++

Height 85cm
Width 60cm
Depth 61cm

Warranty Terms & Condition

It comes with 6 months parts and labour warranty.

Should you ever experience a problem, our engineer will be with you, within two working days and for complete peace of mind, we also offer reduced rates for out of warranty repairs. Local delivery/installation and removal of old appliances available - please contact us for details.

We will repair, replace or refund at customer home except in the instance the appliance is outside of a 25 mile radius from YO8 4NJ/DN162SE or outside our delivery area, it will then be the buyer responsibility to return the item. Note that any other consequential losses are not covered by the warranty.