Extended 12 month warranty

Extended 12 month warranty

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Returns and warranty terms and conditions.

Extended warranty is valid from the day of purchase.

We will endeavour to attend any problem within 1-4 working days from the initial point of contact.

The warranty will cover the following.

  • Electrical component failure within the appliance.
  • Mechanical component failure within the appliance not caused by foreign objects or improper use or improper installation.

If there is any issue with the appliance within the stated warranty period we will aim to repair, replace or refund at your home except in the instance the appliance is outside our delivery area, it will then be the buyer’s responsibility to return the item back to the shop for repair, replacement or refund.

If we are of the opinion that the issue is a result of misuse or incorrect installation, it will be considered your responsibility as the customer and you will be charged £60 for the call out.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure to ensure that the appliance is used correctly and serviced as directed by the appliance user guide. Evidence of improper use, servicing or any attempt at repair by anyone other than an ML Discount Appliances engineer will invalidate the terms of the warranty.

Warranty doesn’t cover:

  • broken bearings as it is a result of constant overload,
  • drain pump blockages,
  • any physically broken parts – such as broken doors and door handles, depressed buttons, drum paddles, broken panels or fridge freezer drawers or any other physical damages.
  • If your appliance has not been installed correctly, for example if the supplies are not connected properly, there are blocked waste pipe or faulty water connection.