GRUNDIG GWN48430C Large 8KG A+++ Washing Machine 1400rpm White

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This item is NEW graded, in good working condition, professionally tested, has some marks, scratches and some dents on cabinet caused during storage/transport (they don’t affect performance), please check pictures below or contact us for any other details.
It comes with 6 months parts and labour warranty.


Helping make your home a more peaceful place to be, this washing machine is powered by our quiet and energy efficient Inverter Eco Motor.
The generous 8kg capacity can save even more energy by allowing you to wash more laundry in one load.
And, for an all-round economical wash, this model's Aqua Perfect 40°/40' programme can wash a full load of laundry in 40 minutes, at 40°C.

Large 8kg Capacity
This washing machine's generous 8kg capacity can wash up to 40 shirts, or a king size duvet, in a single cycle. Ideal for large families, this can significantly shorten your daily laundry routine by allowing you to wash more laundry in fewer cycles.

Sense Wash Programme
Special sensors are used to detect the size and fabric type of your laundry, ensuring that the best settings are selected for every load. This way, minimal effort is required from you, and your garments will be perfectly protected while being efficiently cleaned.

Touch Control LCD Display
Add a modern finish to your kitchen interior with this contemporary LCD display, complete with touch control buttons. Offering you complete control at your fingertips, the display makes easy work of setting each washing cycle.

Grundig Wash System
Together with the special door design and paddle, this technology's gentle wave-like motion mimics the soft but powerful movement of the ocean to move garments around the drum as smoothly as possible. This reduces the wear on your laundry, while also making sure garments mix effectively to optimise the cleaning performance.

Extra Large Porthole Door
The extra large door opening gives you effortless access to your appliance, so you can comfortably load and unload bulkier items with ease.

Anti-allergy Programme
Our Anti-allergy programme is specially designed to care for those with sensitive skin, including babies, young children and asthmatics. It not only eliminates cat and dog allergens, but also ensures your laundry is free from bacteria, dust mites and fungi as well.

Aqua Perfect 40°/40’
Not only does this efficient programme allow you to wash a full load of laundry in just 40 minutes, but it does so at 40°C, for an all-round economical wash.

Wool Protect
Thanks to its low-speed spin cycle and special algorithm, the Wool Protect programme prevents friction between the fibres of your machine-washable woollen garments, protecting them from damage.
Gentle Care Programme
This ultra gentle wash programme and spin cycle will prolong the life of your most delicate clothes, protecting them from discolouration and damage.

Dark Care Programme
Giving your favourite dark clothes the attention they deserve, our Dark Care programme prevents garments from fading in the washing machine, and also ensures that no powdery detergent deposits are left on items after washing.

Hand Wash Programme
Gentle tumbling and minimal water usage make this programme ideal for washing delicate fabrics such as silk, and also for garments that feature a hand-wash only label.

Machine Care Programme
Thanks to Machine Care, your appliance can stay as fresh and clean as your laundry. This programme eliminates bacteria and ensures that the interior of the drum is always hygienic, which in turn helps to prolong the life of your machine.

Automatic Water Level Reduction for Half or Small Loads
Ideal for when you're washing smaller loads, this washing machine can automatically reduce its water usage for half or small laundry loads, cutting down water consumption in your home.

Child Safety Lock
Activating the Child Safety Lock will lock the control panel, preventing children from accidentally switching the programmes.
Inverter Eco Motor
Helping make your home a more peaceful place to be, our innovative Inverter Eco Motor not only provides a quieter washing cycle, but is also more energy efficient than standard motors.
Loading Capacity 8 kg
Standard Washing Programme Cotton Eco
Energy Consumption per Year 192 kWh
Water Consumption per Year 9900 litres
Inverter Motor Yes
Spin Class Class B
Spin Speed Variable - 1400 rpm (max)
Residual Moisture 53%
Noise Level (Washing) 52 dB
Noise Level (Spinning) 76 dB
Maximum Noise Level 76 dB
Door Opening Angle 170 degree(s)
Door Opening Diameter 34 cm
Out-Of-Balance Detection Yes
Programme Time Details
205 min - washing - full load - 60 °C
177 min - washing - partial load - 60 °C
177 min - washing - partial load - 40 °C
Exterior Colour White
Washer Drum Capacity 64 litres
Number of Programs 16

WIFI features might not work on refurbished appliances! 

Warranty Terms & Conditions

It comes with 6 months parts and labour warranty. Should you ever experience a problem, our engineer will be with you, within two working days and for complete peace of mind, we also offer reduced rates for out of warranty repairs.

Warranty call-out is only valid in our delivery areas. We will repair, replace or refund at customer home except in the instance the appliance is outside of a 25 mile radius from YO84NJ/DN16 2SE or outside our delivery area, it will then be the buyer responsibility to return the item. Note that any other consequential losses are not covered by the warranty.